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"Jessica Hutchinson's handsome, well-paced production deftly lays out the dual time lines, with stellar work by a pitch-perfect ensemble"

- Kris Vire
TimeOut Chicago

"THREE AND A HALF STARS ... the intimacy of the space and the ever-expanding palette of ideas Stoppard tosses into the mix mesh beautifully here ... this smart and emotionally satisfying production gains heat and energy over time."

- Kerry Reid
Chicago Tribune

"It is like time machines, only better ... People who would like the show are people that like poetry, math, and embracing meat ... it is fun, makes you want to learn more things, and is bittersweet."

- Ada Grey
Age 7

"This show is a dignified and profound finale to New Leaf's extensive body of work. And they serve it up with tea and biscuits ... not to be missed."

- Katy Walsh
Chicago Theater Beat

"Harman and Granata are galvanizing, and their scenes blister ... every performance realized by director Jessica Hutchinson is authentic, beautifully articulated both vocally and physically."

- David Zak
Chicago Stage Style

"New Leaf gracefully handles both Arcadia's protracted language and the necessarily delicate timing ... Acting is rigorous, precise, and full of great heart."

- Monica Westin

Arcadia to be New Leaf's Farewell Production

Any theatre company with limited resources experiences the ongoing tension in balancing the needs of a sustainable company infrastructure to support our work versus the aesthetic needs and attention required to create that work. We've decided that Arcadia will be our last effort at striving for that balance, and fittingly we have poured our hearts and souls into this production. Like any play we've ever done, Arcadia is complicated, nuanced, and challenging, an exploration of difficult questions, and an opportunity for renewal - just the way we like it.

We welcome your thoughts and reactions to this decision, and hope you can join us in celebrating where we've been, where we are, and where we're going.

"When we have solved all the mysteries and lost all the meaning, we will be alone on an empty shore. And then we will dance."

Learn More about New Leaf's Conclusion and Our Next Projects

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Missed a Production?

We've got a whole history of photos and music in our Past Productions section, as well as a catalog of world premiere plays that we helped develop both onstage and through our TREEHOUSE reading series. You can continue to get in touch with us at if you'd like more information about our work and our future projects.

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